About me


My name is Talia Zwach and I graduated from Full Sail University with a Show Production Bachelors degree. I am originally from the United States but grew up in Cancun, Mexico. I have always been fascinated and very passionate for the Entertainment Business, especially the production of live shows. Before embarking on my journey through Full Sail I worked in a few nightclubs in Cancun that incorporated bands and Shows as part of their daily entertainment. This experience made me fall more in love with my fascination of the industry. During that time I also studied Media and Communications at the University of Anahuac, Cancun, where I attained knowledge on Marketing, TV, Film, psychology and Internal Communications of business.

In 2013, I began my path in Full Sail University to expand my knowledge and focus on my dream. I am highly passionate for show production because I’ve always been extremely interested in the light works and video portion of it. After being through classes that involve audio, video, lighting and show production I have come to love it all.

I believe that dreams are not accomplished effortlessly; you need to apply all your efforts and love into them for a rewarding future. I am very persistent and highly motivated for this profession. I am also very calm, patient and easy going when tough times arise. I love to have fun but at the same time I am very serious towards my job. This industry requires quick thinking, logical performance and group work which gives me excitement and in its success the feeling of accomplishment. A feeling I will look forward to have every day. I am always eager to learn more about the industry I am in and the technological advances that are being brought into the industry itself.